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Mini Garden Tool Set #2 (3 Pack)

Mini Garden Tool Set #2 (3 Pack)

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Whether you have a small garden, a collection of succulents, or just enjoy tending to your indoor plants, this set has everything you need.

The set includes a mini substrate scoop, mini pruners, and mini duster, making it the perfect companion for tending to smaller plants.

These mini tools are not only convenient, but also incredibly useful. You never know when you might need to trim a stray leaf or dust off your plants. And with this 3-pack, you'll always have a spare tool on hand.

These mini tools are also included in the Plant Care Essentials • Starter Kit if you’re looking for the full shebang! Don't let their size fool you, these mini tools are just as effective as their larger counterparts and will make caring for your plants a reach into your pocket away!

These mini tools are convenient and incredibly useful when you least expect it!

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