all plants purchased from mj🪷cultivates

cultivating happiness🪷through house plants

all plants are:

»» continuously & meticulously monitored

»» hand-cleaned

»» cultivated & nurtured in our homemade, hand-mixed, species specific, custom soil blends

»» each custom soil blend includes our hand-harvested, nutrient dense, sustainable worm castings as a natural plant food boost

»» pre-treated with homemade, organic, neem-based pest preventative & prophylactic

»» inoculated with mycorrhizae (beneficial, symbiotic fungi) & beneficial bacteria

  • this promotes uptake of nitrogen through the roots
  • helps prevent transplant shock
  • allows the plant to readily root once transplanted


*always keep in mind, this is a live plant being packaged & transported to an entirely new environment— that process itself is not only stressful for the plant, but the rapid change in environment is also stressful

  • outdoor temperatures
  • time of year
  • transit time
  • plant species

are all factors that contribute to the plants stress before arriving at its new home with you*

your plant baby just took one crazy journey to get to you— so the possibility of looking slightly disheveled isn't uncommon or an automatic sentence to the plant graveyard. take these stress factors into consideration & give your new plant baby time to adjust before determining your plants viability.


*it is always recommended to isolate a new plant once it arrives as a protective measure the plant does not spread pests or disease. Isolation is recommended for all plant purchases regardless of aforementioned prophylactic & preventative measures meticulously ensured by mj🪷cultivates with each plant purchase*

  • place it away from your other plants
  • place it out of direct sunlight (even if it enjoys bright, direct, or full sun conditions)
  • of course if your new baby looks thirsty and the soil is dry please give them a drink!
  • choose a location you can easily visualize the plant to monitor during isolation
  • in a temperature controlled location:
  1. warm & bright
  2. away from heaters & AC units
  3. away from drafty windows or doors
  4. with good air circulation
  5. depending on the species of plant— many tropical & subtropical plants enjoy humidity levels around 60%
  • if your plant enjoys high humidity: placing it next to a humidifier, supplementing a pebble tray, regularly misting, or placing in a naturally humid location in your home would greatly benefit your plant baby during it’s recovery from stress of transport & rapid change in environment


*as excited as I hope you are to put your new plant babies into your favorite pot or planter— it is highly suggested that you wait at minimum 1 week before repotting your new plant baby*

this gives the plant the opportunity to:

  • acclimate to its new environment in your home
  • recover from the stress of packaging and transport
  • allows you to monitor & assess your new plant baby to make any adjustments to their environment to get conditions just right for repotting


*If you have made a purchase from mj🪷cultivates we would be overjoyed for you to write a review about the plants, products, or services you have received* 

  • Your feedback is markedly important to us

  • Your voice is empowering for other customers looking for honest critique & a sense of overall satisfaction

  • We encourage all customers who write reviews to also provide photos, videos, or both in their review— this provides future customers genuine transparency about our products & services.

  • Reviews that include pictures, videos, or both of the products or services being reviewed are generally the most insightful, engaging, & trusted by customers just like you. 

*You can visit our reviews page page to see what other customers have to say about mj🪷cultivates, & contribute your own feedback on our reviews page which includes links to Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews & Yelp Reviews also*

*By no means is this an expectation, but reviews help future customers feel confident in the products & services provided here at mj🪷cultivates & is an essential building block to not only the continuation of our growth with you, but for our continued growth for you*

*a week later, month later, six months later— and you have a question about your plant, something funny going on with it, or just general plant care questions? PLEASE feel free to get into contact at anytime with your questions & it would be more than a pleasure to assist you*

*if you have any questions or concerns once your new plant baby arrives please photograph immediately after the plant is removed from its packaging & reach out as soon as possible so resolution can be determined. mj🪷cultivates has a more lenient return policy than most other plant retailers— most retailers do not accept returns on plant purchases. mj🪷cultivates allows a 10-day return period with proper photo or video documentation of the plants condition immediately after removal from its packaging*

***For further details you can read our return policy ***

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