mj🪷cultivates strives to be a full-spectrum house plant resource & amenity for plant parents of all avenues, interests & expertises

We believe that every plant parent has a green thumb & insights into plant parenthood that others can benefit from. We also believe that plant parenthood is not predisposed to be like an “instruction manual” that is absolute or authoritarian, but rather a more dynamic, progressive & ever evolving journey.

House Plant 101 is a digestible, easily understood & candid resource for our customers to help guide them during any stage of their plant parenthood journey.

Currently, House Plant 101 is in its infancy containing morsels of general knowledge, advice & guidance on foundational plant care information.

As mj🪷cultivates grows we hope that House Plant 101 will also grow with us. Providing fresh information, resources & insight not only on general plant care objectives, but also to introduce a medley of knowledge & practice from the infinite avenues, interests & expertises that reside within the plant community.

With that being said, we encourage each & every plant parent to contribute their knowledge & insight that they have found beneficial throughout their plant parenthood evolution. Additionally, we encourage all plant parents to contribute suggestions of plant care topics, specific plant species, products, tools, accessories & essentials they recommend or would like more information about & any other plant care related insight they would like insight on.

Please, use the contribution & suggestion contact form located at the bottom of this page to submit your questions, insights, curiosities & suggestions of content you would like to see on House Plant 101 so we can continue to grow together.





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