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3 in 1 Water•pH•Light Meter

3 in 1 Water•pH•Light Meter

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This SUPER handy meter allows you to accurately measure the moisture level of your soil, provides a generalized estimation of the sunlight your plant is receiving, & measures the pH of your soil!

If you have gotten a new or unfamiliar plant species & want to make sure you are providing it with all of the right conditions— this has to be one of the most convenient ways to get that information & educate yourself about your new plant & its needs!

This meter comes in handy during acclimating your plants to a new environment, getting to know a new plant, or trouble-shooting a problem with any of your long-term plant besties! 

  • Get a better understanding of your plants watering needs, great for beginners, or any plant people.
  • The meter also measures sunlight on a simple dark to light scale--shade | partial sun | full sun.
  • If you really want to be extra... it also measures the pH levels of your soil.

This meter is truly a life-saver in a planty-panic-pinch!

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