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cHuNkY mOnKeY | Epiphytic Blend

cHuNkY mOnKeY | Epiphytic Blend

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Just like cHuNkY little mOnKeYs hanging from trees— this epiphytic soil mix is perfect for our soilless loving friends! This SUPER cHuNkY, EXTRA airy, light & fluffy soil mix is perfect for epiphytes like Hoya, Cryptanthus, Orchids, & so many more! In lieu of being used as an epiphytic soil— this is a perfect mix for amending an all-purpose soil that… just isn’t cutting it! (cough Miracle Grow cough) Just toss in a desired amount to your all-purpose soil & give those roots the love & soil they deserve! 

S ~ 1.2 L or 5 cups ~approximately enough to fill four 3.5” pots

M ~ 2.0 L or 8 cups ~approximately enough to fill seven 3.5” pots

L ~ 2.6 L or 11 cups ~approximately enough to fill ten 3.5” pots


INGREDIENTS: Orchid Bark, Coco Coir, Coco Husks, Pumice,  Horticultural Charcoal, Sphagnum Moss, Leca, Hand Harvested (BY ME 🤗) Worm Castings, Lechuza-Pons.

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