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Ficus Tineke

Ficus Tineke

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Ficus Elastica Tineke | Rubber Plant

Ficus Tineke, also known as Variegated Rubber Plant, is a stunning and popular houseplant prized for its striking foliage. The leaves of Ficus Tineke feature a beautiful combination of creamy white, green, and pink hues, adding a touch of color and elegance to any indoor space. This versatile plant is perfect for adding vibrancy and texture to your home or office decor.

Plant Care Needs

• ☀: Thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. Can tolerate some direct sunlight, particularly in the morning or late afternoon, but avoid prolonged exposure to intense sun.

• 💦: Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Water thoroughly, then allow excess water to drain away. Typically, water every 7-10 days during the growing season, and reduce frequency in winter.

• 🪨: Well-draining potting mix is essential. Use a standard indoor potting mix or a mixture of peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. We recommend Luxuriously Moist, but The Mix would also work just fine!

• 🌡️: Prefers average room temperatures between 65°F to 75°F (18°C to 24°C). Protect from cold drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations.

• ☁: Adaptable to normal indoor humidity levels but benefits from occasional misting to increase humidity, especially in dry indoor environments.

• ✂: Easily propagated from stem cuttings. Cut a healthy stem below a node and place it in water or moist potting mix until roots develop.

• ⚖: Moderate maintenance. Suitable for indoor gardeners with some experience.

• 💭:

  • Prune regularly to encourage bushier growth and to maintain the plant’s shape. Pinching off leggy stems will promote new growth.
  • Clean the leaves periodically with a damp cloth to remove dust and prevent pests.
  • Ficus Tineke is toxic if ingested, so keep it out of reach of pets and children.
  • The variegation on the leaves may fade if the plant receives too little light or if it is overwatered. Adjust care accordingly to maintain the vibrant foliage.

Customer Reviews

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Love my Rosy Ficus Tineke!

MJ Cultivates delivers a fabulous product! I purchased my Rosy Ficus Tineke a few months ago, beautiful, shiny, and healthy. It has more than doubled in size!

She looks gorgeous! And so much growth!!! THANK YOU, soook much for your kind words! Your trust in this small business is what keeps me going & I couldn’t do it with out all of you! Thank you!

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