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Mini Thermometer & Hydrometer

Mini Thermometer & Hydrometer

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Grow your plants in the ideal environment with this Mini Thermometer & Hydrometer— a must-have for any plant parent. Keep your plant babies happy and healthy by monitoring both temperature and humidity so you can create the optimal environment for your delicate propagations, plant groupings, & fussy tropicals. Perfect for propagation boxes and tents, monitoring smaller green houses, and everyone’s favorite IKEA green house cabinets!

Providing your plant babies the right environment is essential & knowing an accurate temperature and humidity reading provides insight into how your plants are responding, empowering you to make the adjustments necessary for successful growth. Mimicking the environment your plant babies naturally grow in supports & ensures your plant babies potential for growth— establish the right conditions and your plant babies will thank you with lush, glorious, gorgeous growth!

Also, included in the From Dusk ‘Til Spawn Bundle!

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