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The Mix | “Extra” All-Purpose Blend

The Mix | “Extra” All-Purpose Blend

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Perfect for all of your plant care needs. More than your regular old potting mix, but just enough to be a great base for your own soil concoctions! If you’re a little extra, this is just that “Extra All Purpose Potting Soil”. I use this as a base for a variety of plants & species. General use for all plants & species (I have everything from succulents to tropicals to epiphytes in this mix)… you really can not go wrong with The Mix!

S ~ 1.2 L or 5 cups ~approximately enough to fill four 3.5” pots

M ~ 2.0 L or 8 cups ~approximately enough to fill seven 3.5” pots

L ~ 2.6 L or 11 cups ~approximately enough to fill ten 3.5” pots


INGREDIENTS: All Purpose Potting Soil, Horticultural Charcoal, Orchid Bark, Pumice, Hand Harvested (BY ME 🤗) Worm Castings. 


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