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Luxuriously Moist | Tropical Soil Mix

Luxuriously Moist | Tropical Soil Mix

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This Custom Soil Blend is NEARLY dripping it stays so... moist. She never stays wet for too long, which makes her & the specific— sometimes dramatic— plants that enjoy her ALWAYS LUXURIOUSLY MOIST. She is the perfect intermediary between wet & dry... she maintains moisture content for your heat-loving, humidity-loving, "provide me the right environment-- IMMA THRIVING QUEEN", "provide me the wrong environment-- IMMA DRAMA QUEEN" tropically native plant species. As you can guess, this soil blend provides optimal moisture retaining capabilities, while also being light & airy so them roots can breathe! Nutrient dense with a fluffy & easily aerated base, packed with moisture retaining Coco Husks & Sphagnum Moss, & moisture wicking Leca & Pumice.

S ~ 1.2 L or 5 cups ~approximately enough to fill four 3.5” pots

M ~ 2.0 L or 8 cups ~approximately enough to fill seven 3.5” pots

L ~ 2.6 L or 11 cups ~approximately enough to fill ten 3.5” pots

INGREDIENTS: Coco Coir, All-Purpose Potting Soil, Coco Husks, Orchid Bark, Sphagnum Moss, Perlite, Pumice, Horticultural Charcoal, Leca, Hand Harvested (BY ME 🤗) Worm Castings.

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